Speaking of turning points, this is going to be my last post at jlsanborn.wordpress.com. I am moving my online home to jessicasanborn.com.

During the last few years, this blog has been on the quiet side as I’ve concentrated on being a student in Sacred Ground’s spiritual direction and formation training program.

The classroom portion of this program ended a few weeks ago. Before the last class, our teachers told us: “You guys are ready to start building your practice.”

I received that news wide-eyed and with trepidation. I like the security and safety of being a student. It’s comfortable.

But trepidation is giving way to excitement. I’m looking forward to seeing how this journey unfolds.

I am claiming my role as a spiritual director. And I am claiming my name for my writing.

My new website will be a place for both of these pieces of me.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. Thank you for showing up and reading my words. It means so much to me. I hope that you’ll join me at https://jessicasanborn.com/blog.  You’ll find the words from this space over in that space. Hopefully, some new words will be joining those in the near future.

With love & gratitude,





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