I am no fashionista. Picture me as the antonym of trendy. I purchased my first pair of skinny jeans yesterday. They will probably be going out of style soon.

Normally, I would be the last person to offer fashion advice.

But I would like to suggest one wardrobe must-have for the introverts out there. (Guys, you are most likely out of luck on this, for which I feel badly.)

Cowlnecks. Can we please make sure that the demand for cowlnecks never ceases?

These lovely things are made for those days when the temperature is cold enough to freeze off your face. They keep your neck warm without making you feel like someone is trying to strangle you. A cowlneck attached to a blanket is almost heaven.



But cowlnecks offer the introvert something special.

After a long day, when you are ready to be done but your kids are still going strong and the noise is just a bit much, you can retreat into the safety, warmth, and dark of your cowlneck. *Sigh.* You may not even realize that you have gone into hiding until your husband asks you if you are okay. “What?” you say, emerging like a turtle poking its head out of its shell. Yes, yes. I am okay.


It might be smart for the introverts among us to leave cowlnecks at home when attending parties and such. Hiding in the depths of your sweater might be awkward when among strangers and acquaintances.

More awkward than trying to make small talk?

Could be a toss-up.



6 thoughts on “Introvert Fashion

  1. I don’t know…is anything more awkward than trying to make small talk? Hehehe. This one had me giggling.
    I love cowlnecks! My most used sewing pattern has a cowlneck variation and that’s the one I almost always sew. I’m still trying to decide whether a cowlneck would be too weird (and too warm) on a short sleeve shirt for summer…
    ps You are ahead of me in the fashion world…I still have never even tried on a pair of skinny jeans 😉

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  2. Lol. Great advice. Now someone needs to work on a tech fabric that will actually make you disappear when pulled over one’s head! I would fund that Kickstarter campaign

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