Further musings on what a faith beyond beliefs might look like:

Jesus said: “If you have faith, you can say to this mountain “Move.”  And it will move.”

Confucius said: “The man who moves mountains begins by carrying away small stones.”

I haven’t seen anyone speak mountains into a new location.

But what if . . .

instead of feeling despair in my comfort, wealth, and education,
instead of curling up in a hopeless ball wishing I could un-know the reality
that plagues so much of this world,
instead of feeling alone, little, and powerless
in this dark, brutal, terrifying but beautiful and hope-filled world,
instead of forgetting,
instead of pretending,

what if . . .

I join the movement of mountain movers.
One person alone is powerless.
A movement of people can make things happen,
change the course of history.
And a movement of people connected to God’s heartbeat
for justice,
for love,
for freedom,
for every person,
maybe this is the mountain-moving faith that can shake the very foundations of this world.


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