I thought I would share a poem today.  Most often, my poems are messages for me rather than messages from me; if you know what I mean.  This poem is still working its way through my heart.


Release.  Receive.
Unclench.  Unfurl.

With open hands and
open heart
drop the armor
shielding, protecting . . .
your becoming.

Release fear.
Receive love.
Receive courage.
Receive trust.

Your once stone-cold heart
now warm, living, beating
waking up
ready to emerge
beyond the walls
you carefully constructed.

Walls once comforting,
now confining and unnecessary.

You aren’t brittle or fragile.
But beauty-full
and filled with light.

Don’t be afraid to be bright.

Let the love,
Let the light in.
Then let it out again.
Like breath.

Receive.  Release.

© J.L. Sanborn



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